What to Expect During an EMDR Intensive Training: Unleashing the Power of EMDR

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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful therapeutic technique for addressing trauma, anxiety, and various psychological disorders. It undoes the maladaptive schema at its root, so the progress made comes fast and is permanent. 

The best way to learn EMDR is to fully immerse yourself in this transformative approach. An EMDR intensive training offers you an  immersive and comprehensive learning experience over the course of five days. 

In this blog post, let’s explore what an EMDR intensive entails. Discover what to expect during the training, and how it can enhance your skills as an EMDR therapist. Get an inside scoop on the secret world of EMDR intensives.

Immersion into EMDR 

An EMDR intensive training provides a deep dive into the theory, methodology, and application of EMDR therapy. Led by experienced trainers, these trainings typically offer participants an immersive experience that accelerates their understanding and application of EMDR techniques. 

Unlike EMDR Parts I and II, which when taken separately are often scheduled several weeks or months apart, the EMDR intensive condenses the full training into one extended weekend. At EMDR Educators, our five day intensive trainings start on Wednesday through Sunday whenever they’re scheduled. 

For many students, dedicating this extended, focused period of time to learning EMDR is preferred to taking Part I and then Part II. It allows them to better absorb the principles of EMDR and its practical application across its two parts. 

After the five day intensive training, many trainees go straight through their 10 required consultation calls and into operating their own EMDR private practice. For them, there’s no significant space where they’re not working with and getting better at EMDR. 

The Comprehensive Curriculum 

Just because an EMDR intensive gets you through training faster doesn’t mean that information gets skipped. You can expect a comprehensive curriculum that covers the eight phases of the EMDR protocol, including history-taking, preparation, assessment, desensitization, installation, body scan, closure, and reevaluation. 

The training delves into the theoretical underpinnings of EMDR, explores case conceptualization, and provides extensive practice opportunities to enhance your proficiency in using EMDR techniques. At EMDR Educators, we use the same curriculum for our five-day intensives and for EMDR Parts I and II – the one Dr. Dobo developed and got approved by EMDRIA. 

EMDR Demonstrations and Practice Sessions

EMDR intensives typically  incorporate live demonstrations by skilled EMDR trainers to illustrate the application of EMDR techniques in real-life therapeutic settings. Witnessing these demonstrations allows you to observe the nuanced intricacies of EMDR therapy and witness the transformative impact it can have on your clients. 

Additionally, intensive EMDR training gives you ample opportunity for hands-on practice, as each participant engages in role-plays and simulated therapy sessions to hone their skills. 

Learning EMDR by Doing

It takes skill to fully grasp the power of EMDR and harness it with ease on behalf of you and your clients.  Experiential exercises are essential to EMDR training. 

These exercises allow participants to experience EMDR as both therapists and clients, deepening their understanding of the therapy’s impact and fostering personal growth. Through these experiential activities, you will gain insight into the process, emotions, and insights that clients may experience during EMDR sessions.

Often, therapists experience their own personal breakthroughs during training.

Small Group Discussions

EMDR intensives include small group discussions. This provides a platform for participants to share their experiences, ask questions, and engage in peer-to-peer learning. These discussions allow for the exploration of various therapeutic challenges, ethical considerations, and best practices. 

At EMDR Educators, we specialize in creating a comfortable, safe learning environment where all can feel welcome and accepted. The diversity of perspectives within the group enhance the learning experience, broadening your understanding of EMDR and its application.

You’ll find acceptance here.

Supervision and Feedback

Supervision and feedback play a crucial role in EMDR intensive training. Trainers and experienced therapists offer guidance, support, and constructive feedback to enhance your skill development. Supervision sessions provide a safe space to discuss complex cases, gain insights, and refine your therapeutic approach.

At EMDR Educators, our team is passionate about EMDR and helping therapists become masters of this powerful therapeutic technique. 

The personalized attention you get ensures that you apply EMDR techniques effectively and ethically. As EMDR therapists, we want our students to feel comfortable and confident when using EMDR in their practice. We take on-going pride in the competency of our graduates.

Continuing Education and Certification

At EMDR Educators, our five-day EMDR intensive trainings can net you up to 40 credit hours. We are approved by the American Psychological Association, the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA), the Florida Board of Psychology, and The Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling.

Successful completion of an EMDR intensive training is also a prerequisite for obtaining EMDR certification. You don’t have to achieve EMDR certification to be an EMDR therapist. Instead, certification is for leveling up your EMDR career. 

Intensive training is, however, the first step towards certification. It provides the necessary educational hours required by EMDR associations for certification eligibility. By completing the training, you will have taken a significant step toward becoming a certified EMDR therapist. 

Networking and Professional Connections

EMDR intensives offer a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals in the field of therapy. Networking with fellow participants, trainers, and experienced EMDR therapists can foster valuable connections and collaborations. 

At EMDR Educators, our trainings tend to be a lot of fun for all involved. Many connections are often made, and these connections often extend beyond the training. 

Within our community, our students are passionate about receiving and providing ongoing support, mentorship, and friendship. We have become a network of peers who share a strong passion for EMDR therapy with Dr. Dobo as the lead.

Emotional Processing and Self-Reflection 

You should know that engaging in an EMDR intensive can be a very emotionally intense experience for you. By delving into this therapeutic process, you are likely to encounter your own personal triggers and unresolved issues

Self-reflection and emotional processing are an integral part of EMDR training, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the impact of trauma. This personal growth contributes to your development as a compassionate and empathetic EMDR therapist, so it’s very beneficial for all.

Will You Be Joining Us for EMDR Intensive Training?

An EMDR intensive training provides an immersive and transformative experience for therapists seeking to enhance their skills in this powerful therapy technique. Through the comprehensive curriculum, live demos, learn by doing, small group discussions, and personalized supervision, participants gain a deep understanding of EMDR and its practical applications. 

The emotional processing, self-reflection, and networking opportunities further contribute to personal and professional growth. With the knowledge and insights gained during an EMDR intensive, therapists are equipped to make a profound impact in the lives of their clients, harnessing the power of EMDR to promote healing and resilience.

The knowledge and insights gained during an intensive training set the stage for continued growth and success as an EMDR therapist. EMDR transforms lives – your life, your clients’ lives, and the life of your practice. 

Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in EMDR and unleash its transformative power in the lives of your clients. Register now to train with us and become a part of our strong community of EMDR therapists.

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