The Therapist's Guide to Marketing

Words of wisdom from our own in-house marketer. Introduction by Dr. Andrew Dobo. 

The Therapist Guide to Marketing Table of Contents
The Therapist Guide to Marketing Table of Contents

Learn How to Transform Your Practice into a High-Performance Practice


Did you know that the way you approach marketing for your practice can have a tremendous impact on how smoothly it goes?

Whether you’re just getting started or have a waitlist, this little guide can help you infuse your mental health therapy business with greater clarity, ease and flow.

The secret is in Elisa’s signature AIDASLA framework which she presents as a reliable approach to paving pathways of greater excellence for you, your clients, and everyone involved.

Having spent more than 5 years specializing in serving and supporting EMDR Educators, Dr. Dobo, and his students, over a decade in the digital marketing industry, and more than 20 years and counting as a solo entrepreneur, Elisa has a very deep appreciation and understanding of mental health professionals and the business of therapy.

While marketers pinning for your business may not be quick to confess that your therapy practice can grow sufficiently by word-of-mouth alone, if they’re any good at their craft, they’ll WANT you to know this.

Elisa goes beyond sharing simple marketing tactics to remarkable depths in exploring the importance of building a high-performance practice, how it’s done, and how this approach to business can assist therapists in staying uplifted and revitalized in their work.

This book is an eye-catching, easy read! As an entrepreneur, I loved the section on the AIDASLA business process and the workshop process. It gave great applicable examples with tools to help put it to practice.

This book is great for those just starting out, or even those who feel lost on the business side of private practice!

Ciara Helm, LCSW

Owner, Hopeful Heart Counseling

We are passionate about your competency and success

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