Prince Harry and the Transformational Power of EMDR

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You may have seen Prince Harry reporting that EMDR saved his life. He demonstrated it on TV recently.

The enormity of EMDR’s transformational power is evidenced by the massive disruption he has caused in his family as he moved from “I don’t matter” the family matters, the monarchy matters, England matters and you don’t, to “I do matter.” The Royal family did exactly what your client’s families will do to them.

1. They sabotage his change.

2. Reject him, even threaten him by removing financial support, his security and who knows what else.

3. They will accept him if he goes back to his old role, which is impossible for him to do now.


Prince Harry Speaks on the Transformational Power of EMDR

 I don’t know what his NC was or if EMDR was the force that caused the change but whether it was EMDR or some other event, this exemplifies what happens with change. And no therapy causes change quite like EMDR.

I did my advanced training this past weekend, Integrating EMDR with Jungian psychology and six stages of transformation. Everything we talked about this past weekend is clearly demonstrated by his situation as he moves to his independent and authentic behavior that is disrupting the Monarchy.

It is no wonder people try to go back to the old way because the new way is no picnic. Living your truth is not always easy.

Remember, what we do with transformational EMDR has long reaching implications for our client’s lives. You might want to include Prince Harry in your oral informed consent explanation as an example of what can happen with EMDR when you try to get them to understand what might happen.

After all, he quit his job and stopped letting his family rule his life. He changed countries. Is halfway across the earth far enough to be free of their influence? This stuff will happen to your clients. They may change jobs, locations and friends.

Harry said he fears visiting home. Future template to strengthen him when he visits is recommended. Your client will have similar targets when encountering their family. Take heed, do not use the transformational cognitions unless you make it clear to your clients what the results may be. Transformational work usually resolves one set of problems but creates and entire new set of problems, but the new set are in service of the true self.

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