EMDR Training Cost: 5 Ways to Save Money

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Has the EMDR training cost stood in your way, preventing you from learning how to do EMDR? You want to become an EMDRIA-approved therapist. As long as you aren’t one, you, your clients, and your practice are missing out.

Of course, your clients can just go see a therapist who CAN do EMDR, but where does that leave you and your therapy practice?

Mental health counselors aren’t strangers to covering educational expenses. Yet some use the price of training as a reason to put off becoming competent in this powerful treatment approach. And yet, the cost of EMDR training can prove very affordable – surprised?

5 Ways to Get Low Cost EMDR Training

Did you know that you can influence how much you have to pay to become an EMDR therapist? Note that some of the following options might not be available through other EMDR trainers. But at EMDR Educators, our core mission is to advance the use of EMDR therapy. We offer several ways to help mental health graduate students and therapists learn EMDR without cost being a barrier.

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1. Refer Other Therapists

The 10 consultation hours you must complete to become an EMDR therapist are part of your training expenses. At EMDR Educators, each consultation is only $25. The low price reflects our efforts to maintain an affordable EMDR training cost. But more than that, you can earn free consultations just by getting other therapists and graduate students to train with us.

For each person you refer who registers and pays for class you get one consultation free. If ten people you refer pay for their training- even if they opt to pay in installments – that means you get all ten of the required consultations free.

2. Register for EMDR Training Early

Our EMDR training schedule shows the available dates for months in advance All the training sessions listed on the schedule are open for registration, and we always have an early bird discount code available for those who register at least 10 days before any class start date.

Can’t find our early bird discount code? Subscribe to our updates or send us an email and let us know which training date you’re interested in attending.

3. Register as a Nonprofit Professional

Students in the mental health field and professionals who work at nonprofits can qualify for our nonprofit rate. If this describes you then it means your EMDR training cost is already hundreds of dollars lower.

You can combine the savings available through some of the other methods listed here to make your low cost EMDR training even more affordable.

4. Get Your Organization on Board

Wholesale EMDR training?? Perhaps. With our Group EMDR training program, therapists get shave even more off their EMDR training cost. Groups get $100 off per participant at EMDR Educators – even nonprofit groups who qualify for the lower rate.

And installment plans are still an option for individuals who register under a group. What qualifies as a group with us? Each group must have a minimum of four participants. Get together with your colleagues and/or friends and save together! Sign up your organization and help all the therapists on your team bring the power of EMDR into the lives of your clients!

EMDR therapists are in-demand thanks to the remarkable effectiveness of this specific treatment approach. Don’t let anything, especially not the EMDR training cost, keep you from becoming an EMDR therapist.

Level Up with EMDR Training

EMDR empowers therapists and their clients. At EMDR Educators, we help therapists get to where they’re going with creative, engaging and insightful EMDR training led by Dr. Andrew Dobo, whether you want to become an EMDR therapist or already are one.

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