EMDR Timeline and Treatment Plan Development Guide

EMDR Timeline and Treatment Plan Development Guide

A Valuable Resource for EMDR Practitioners


As a leading EMDR training company, we understand the importance of providing accessible resources to both our trained professionals and those interested in expanding their knowledge.

Use our comprehensive and user-friendly EMDR Timeline and Treatment Plan Development Guide by Dr. Andrew Dobo to enhance your EMDR therapy skills and, therefore, your practice.

After all, the way you approach timeline and treatment plan development with your clients impacts the experience and outcome of your EMDR sessions with them. A well-structured timeline and treatment plan is at the core of this powerful, transformative therapy. 

Our guide offers a step-by-step framework for creating an effective, personalized timeline based on what your client shares with you, enabling you to effectively assess target memories and connect the dots, strategically organizing the client’s traumatic experiences.

Whether you are a seasoned EMDR professional looking to refine your skills or a curious therapist who’s just starting to explore the world of EMDR and EMDR training, this guide will serve you well. 


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