My EMDR Story

by Dr. Andrew Dobo

My EMDR story began in 1998, while I was in graduate school. A local therapist came into our school for a presentation on EMDR. She waved her hand in front of a student volunteer’s eyes and reduced his anxiety about an issue in about 15 minutes. I asked him a few weeks later if he still had no anxiety about the issue. He assured me he did not. I never saw anything like it.

Fortunately, one of our professors was trained in EMDR by Francine Shapiro in the early ’90s, when EMDR was in its infancy. He offered a course in it, I took it, and I’ve been using this model of therapy ever since. After twenty years and tens of thousands of EMDR sessions later, it is my privilege to train therapists at this stage of my career.

Our trainings are more than learning a new therapeutic technique for your toolbox.

EMDR has transformed my work and my life. I sought out my own EMDR therapist to dismantle my core belief, “I’m not good enough.” This negative belief was the culprit infiltrating every aspect of my life. Once the cognition shifted to “I am good enough,” everything internally calmed down and a profound sense of okayness and self-acceptance set in. I never felt anything like it. Without doing my own EMDR work, I doubt I would train therapists because I would think I’m not good enough.

EMDR Educators’s mission is to transform the lives of therapists so they can transform the lives of their patients. It is the journey we’ve taken with incredible results. Let us guide you through this journey to places you never imagined you could go.

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