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Our Mission?

Our mission is to TRANSFORM LIVES!

Through the EMDR training and therapist support we provide, we transform the lives of therapists and their clients by empowering therapists to transform their clients’ lives.

Helping therapists get to where they’re going


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Could the solution be in the eyes?

E. M. D. R. 

We inspire clinicians to transform the lives of their clients through empowering and creative trainings. Within a safe and supportive environment clinicians will harness their creativity and explore new transformative skills.

Our Culture


What does authenticity mean to us exactly? As an example, one cannot harbor feelings of inferiority and doubt and be authentic. Inferiority and doubt create a false sense of the true self—the inauthentic self.

At EMDR Educators, our EMDR training creates a safe and supportive environment for all learners. In our experience, the result is that inferiority and doubt are not afforded room in the skill building process. If by rare chance it is, our approach is normalize and accept it as temporary growing pains. We never allow it to be turned into criticism.

Authenticity is the journey the therapist accompanies the client on.  It’s both a destination and starting place — an alpha and omega moment. Clients will leave their inauthentic self. Only then can true life begin. But EMDR trainees cannot bring a client to a place they do not know – they  must first take the journey. Our role is to be their travel companion, helping them discover, experience, and familiarize themselves with the path they must guide their clients upon.


EMDR Educators’ EMDR trainings take you into the creative zone. Creativity drives us and makes us feel alive and excited about the work. Our trainings foster new skills and new ideas for clinicians. Eliciting creativity in each individual EMDR student makes our trainings exciting for all participants, including us. It’s that discovering of a thing that has always been there just hiding in plain sight. This is your gift revealed.


There is a freedom in acceptance. Accepting yourself and your work by being authentically “you” both in and out of sessions. We accept you where you are in your career and are driven to help you get to where you are going, just as you have to first accept your clients where they are if your goal is to help them get to where they are going. None of us can acheive any of this without flexibility and acceptance. You’ll find acceptance here. 


We take pride in the fact that, here at EMDR Educators, EMDR therapy training is enjoyable, inspiring and safe. With us, each trainee will feel empowered to use their new EMDR treatment skills within the context of being who they are. All of our EMDR training classes feature a relaxed-yet-professional atmosphere.


EMDR Educators’ EMDR trainees are inspired and excited to get back to their work and employ their new skills. They are excited and inspired to get back to their office to try their new skills. They become highly motivatated to improve the world one hour at a time (not a bad way to spend a day!).


Perhaps my age and life experience afford me an understanding of the struggle in mastering a new art. I have this down with a calm, peaceful and encouraging affectation. Consultees have said to me while they are in session with their clients, “I can hear Dr. Dobo’s voice saying….”


I have a degree in music. Musicians are not always supportive people. I had a lot of EMDR therapy on my music school “juries”.  Y,es that is what they’re called—juries. Play for us so we can judge you, they say.

I take measures to help ensure my trainings are the exact opposite of that experience for my EMDR trainees. Here at EMDR Educators you’ll find an atmosphere that’s rich with support and encouragement. It’s non-judgement but professional.


Encouraging the trainees to be patient with themselves and  their development is a characterisitic of our style. It’s our brand. We insure our EMDR trainers are patient with every trainee, accepting them at the stage where they are.


Space is limited in every training and open spots don’t last long. If you haven’t already, be sure to…


What Actual Trainees Have Said About Dr. Andrew Dobo and EMDR Educators’ EMDR Training :

Dr. Dobo’s EMDR training was excellent. The education, knowledge, and training provided was thorough, tailored to meet clinician’s needs, and highly enjoyable. The training allowed me to provide EMDR skillfully and confidently, and his post-workshop consultation was informative, constructive and collaborative. I recommend this training to those interested in offering EMDR Therapy.

Camellia Westwell Psy.D ABPP

I recently attended the 5 Day intensive EMDR training with Dr. Dobo. It’s a little hard to explain my experience during those 5 days. First, I was very surprised that EMDR was nothing like what I was expecting it to be. I had seen an old video of EMDR a decade ago in a class that I took and I had the impression that it was similar to prolonged exposure therapy with the addition of a hocus pocus voodoo gimmick. But that is not at all what I found when I attended the training. Instead, what I learned in the training is how to provide a short term, evidenced based therapy that effectively treats a variety of mental health issues. I was honestly surprised and impressed by the effectiveness of the therapy and the level of confidence I gained in my ability to actually use this therapy to treat my veterans. I am now looking forward to the ongoing support Dr. Dobo provides in the consultation calls and I am happy to report that I am already using the first of the 8 step EMDR protocol to get my veterans started in their recovery.


Judith F. Legault Ph.D./Ed.D.


Are you an active EMDR therapist looking to take your skills to the next level? Experience Dr. Dobo’s advanced EMDR training. 


Let Dr. Dobo guide you through the EMDR certification process.

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