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EMDRIA-Approved EMDR Therapy Training

with Dr. Andrew Dobo

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EMDRIA Approved Online EMDR Training Intensive Parts I & II

Part I: April 19 – 21

Part II: May. 17- 19


Up to 40 Ces


We have virtual and in-person professional and advaned EMDR training opportunties available through November 2024 – and they’re open for registration now! Don’t miss out, as class size is limited. To see what’s available and choose the session(s) that work best for you, check out our full EMDR Training Calendar.

…because only at EMDR Educators can you train with Dr. Andrew Dobo. We love him and you will too. See what other therapists are saying.

We take pride in providing a learning environment where you can feel welcome, safe, and supported.

Online and In-Person training opportunities are available. 

We are passionate about your competency and success

Learn EMDR therapy from Dr. Dobo firsthand. It takes just one 5-day intensive and 10 consultation calls to become an EMDRIA-approved EMDR therapist, or you can complete parts 1 and 2 online. Join EMDR Educators now and enjoy the many unique benefits we offer.

8 Reasons to Choose EMDR Educators as Your EMDR Training Provider:

1. The Learning Experience

Ensuring the comfort of each student is a top priority for EMDR Educators because we know it influences how much of the material they’ll absorb.

2. Flexible Payment Options

Installment plans are available for every class and nonprofit trainees get to enjoy special rates. Groups rates and discount codes also available.

3. Video Training Portal

Access to our EMDR training videos gives you the flexibility to study and refresh yourself on what you’ve learned at your convenience.


4. Unique Curriculum

The EMDRIA-approved curriculum we use was developed by Dr. Andrew Dobo himself. Gain the advantage of his unique insights and experiences.

5. Earn CEs

Completing a 5-day intensive can earn you up to 40 CEs, provided by CE Classes. Training with us helps you fulfill your licensing requirements.

6. Special Nonprofit Pricing

If you work for a nonprofit enjoy reduced pricing. Not only do we help therapists get to where they’re going but we help them make a difference in their communities.


7. Community of Support

Once  an EMDR Educators student, always part of our community. Join in on the active conversations in our private Facebook group to keep up the latest EMDR news.

8. Directory Listing

Just another way we help therapists get to where they’re going. Get more attention by providing your bio and headshot. We’ll help you promote your practice.

We help therapists get to where they're going

“By providing an empowering, creative EMDR training experience, EMDR Educators equips clinicians to transform the lives of their clients and careers. Within a safe and supportive learning environment clinicians get to harness their creativity and explore the power of EMDR therapy as they gain and practice new transformative skills. EMDR can add incredible richness to your work and your practice.”

Dr. Andrew Dobo

EMDRIA-approved EMDR trainer and consultant, founder of EMDR Educators, and published author.

EMDR Books by Dr. Dobo

Unburdening Souls at the Speed of Thought

Unburdening Souls at the Speed of Thought: Psychology, Christianity, and the Transforming Power of EMDR

The Hero's Journey - Integrating Jungian Psychology with EMDR Therapy

The Hero’s Journey: Integrating Jungian Psychology with EMDR Therapy

Here's what other therapists have to say:

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
August 21, 2023
I took the EMDR 5 day Intensive Training. This was easily the best training I have done in over a decade of practicing. I cannot recommend taking courses with Dr. Dobo enough! Do yourself a favor, and sign up!
August 21, 2023
This was one of the best trainings I have attended. The information was powerful and important. Dr. Dobo was an incredible instructor and is clearly a wonderful psychologist for his clients. I strongly recommend attending his trainings at your first opportunity!
Heather Lawson
Heather Lawson
August 15, 2023
Dr. Dobo and the EMDRIA training is TIP TOP! It exceeded my expectations. I did not think I would have an actual ability to provide this treatment so quickly after this (very thorough) training, but I do! I recommend it highly!
July 21, 2023
I completed EMDR workshop with Dr. Andrew Dobo amd husky assistant Sandra Stanford, LMHC in March of this year. It was an extraordinarily wonderful training on so many levels! His teaching style is a combination of vast knowledge of EMDR, the sharing of his rich clinical experiences, and his down-to-earth personality which makes for a great training! Sandra added just the right amount of warmth and clinical expertise to the experience! We had a mix of lecture which was mainly Dr. Dobo explaining EMDR and sharing clinical videos with us interlaced with lively discussions. We worked with other therapists in the afternoon practicing what we learned and honing our EMDR clinical skills. I met such great therapists too but there that I continue to stay in touch and learn with! It was an amazing experience and I can’t recommend it enough and hope to take more trainings with Dr. Dobo, Sandra & EMDRIA!!
Rebecca Torres
Rebecca Torres
July 19, 2023
The training was so good!
Liz Overpeck
Liz Overpeck
July 14, 2023
I recently completed Dr. Dobo's 5-Day Intensive (EMDRIA Approved) EMDR Training in Tampa. This is one of the absolute best clinical trainings I have received to date! I highly recommend EMDR training with Dr. Dobo.
Timothy O'Bryan
Timothy O'Bryan
July 10, 2023
If you are a counselor looking for effective strategies to mitigate or even eliminate undesirable distress for your clients, this is the training you've been waiting for! I recently completed the 5 day intensive EMDRIA-approved EMDR training course with Dr. Dobo and could not be more satisfied. Throughout the week, Dr. Dobo focused on application and effective strategies to facilitate the client-healing process via EMDR. Strong emphasis was placed on client comfort and safety, as well as dispelling misinformation about EMDR. Finally, the opportunity to network with such a wide range of similar-minded mental health practitioners from across the United States was invaluable. Highly recommended and well worth the cost.
Michelle Sibol
Michelle Sibol
June 20, 2023
I took the 5 day intensive EMDR beginner training and it was amazing! Dr. Dobo is so passionate and knowledgable about EMDR. He designed the training to be both didactic and experiential, allowing us to gain important knowledge and understanding about EMDR as well as practice EMDR as both the client and the therapist. Dr. Dobo and the other coaches, Sandra and Pamela, are very friendly, personable, and nonjudgmental which allowed for a rich learning experience in a safe environment. I feel prepared to begin using EMDR with clients and would recommend this training to clinicians who are interested in get trained in EMDR!

You can use EMDR to treat:

  • PTSD
  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Post-partum Depression
  • Phobias
  • Stress
  • Recurring Nightmares
  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • OCD
  • Obesity
  • Grief


…and more, as the list of EMDR therapy’s applications continues to expand.

Why do EMDR in your mental health practice?

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) is both a fast-acting method of treatment for several common mental health ailments and a theory about how the brain processes, stores, and recalls information.

EMDR heals without drugs and concerns for the related side effects. It’s one of only two therapies recommended by WHO for treating mental health trauma in children.

With EMDR, therapists get to heal their clients and transform their lives instead of just treating or covering up symptoms. Clients aren’t forced to share information, thoughts, and experiences they don’t want to but are still able to make significant progress.

As the popularity and demand for EMDR continue to soar, becoming an EMDRIA-approved EMDR therapist will benefit your mental health career and practice as you continue to make a substantial difference in your clients’ lives. And EMDR plays well with other therapies.

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